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Winston Boyer: An Eye for Form

August 18, 2018September 16, 2018

Trident Gallery is very pleased to present An Eye for Form, an exhibition of color photographs by Winston Boyer. The gallery will host an public reception for the artist on Saturday, August 18, 5–7pm, and will host a conversation with the artist on Sunday, August 19, at 3pm. Museum educator Annie Storr will offer an informal guided session of looking at the exhibition on Sunday, September 9, at 3pm.

Winston Boyer’s photographs, like representational paintings, earn thoughtful attention through their technical distinction and the integrity of their style. Unlike paintings, however, fine art photographs simultaneously document the reality of ordinary perception shared by the artist and viewer, which imparts a special force to the impressions that a profound photograph is a miraculous discovery of art in life, and that the viewer’s experience of this transformation of the ordinary, through imagination, recollection, knowledge, and contemplation, is an intimately mutual accomplishment.

As an artist, Boyer has resisted pressures to define himself narrowly as a photographer and to brand himself by committing to the production of recognizable, easily accessible series, at the expense of exercising the full range of his creativity and developing a more complete expression of his artistic vision. An Eye for Form surveys the diversity of Boyer’s subject matter while suggesting unity and intention in his painterly approach to photography, especially his use of color, line, and shape. The exhibition presents twenty-two of Boyer’s most compelling images in pairs chosen so that each one suggests an illuminating — and perhaps unexpected — way to see form in its partner.

Within this selection you will encounter both humor and solemnity, calculus and chance, natural beauty and elegant artifice, as you follow the eye of a master of form.