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You’re probably already a collector

Collections often begin accidentally. Early in my gallery career, as I read about collectors spending hundreds of thousands of dollars at the large art fairs, I formed an idea of a collector as an exotic species of human. I had a moment of realization when I considered that because I owned about twenty works of art, which I treasured and hung in my home, I too was a collector. At that time, I had purchased only one significant work of art among all that I owned (a pair of George Rodrigue prints in one frame, a story for another time). The rest I had inherited from my parents or grandparents, none of whom were still living; or been given to me as a gift. I reflected that despite them coming to me, I had made choices to receive these works of art rather than other objects of value. I now say, if you have two works of art you treasure, then whatever their cost to you or anyone else, you are a collector.

Collection of Matthew and Sarah Slifer Swift