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Growth began as a piece about edges, inspired by the exhibition Edge that Trident Gallery mounted at the Paint Factory. I glued two pieces of paper together expressly to create an edge at the seam.

I had trouble deciding how to bring meaning to the edge. Was it the cliff that we are going off of, the ever-changing edge of the land and sea, or the edge of the seen and the subterranean?
In our time, the coastline edge has taken on new meaning in relation to climate change. The only comfort I glean from the enormity of human heartlessness and mindlessness towards the natural world is the faith in nature’s ability to create new wonders after our demise.

The edge in my piece became the boundary not only between land and sea, but between water and sky, and earth and sky. I keep wondering what would grow in a post-Anthropocene era, the first plant that grows, the first creative force that flourishes after we are gone.

Susan Erony