Aron Leaman

Aron Leaman has been working with glass since 2001 and has developed his skills working with other glass artists from around the world. His playful sculptures often have abstracted natural forms, a sophisticated interplay of opacity and translucence, vivid colors, and a signature style of looping and scalloped markings. He presents his sculptures on custom steel stands and fills the closed vessels with inert gas to prevent condensation. Leaman owns and operates Mill City Glassworks in Lowell MA, where he teaches and makes functional and decorative art glass on commission and for galleries and collectors.

Leaman’s instagram feed and a photo essay by Adien Bisson show him at work and illuminate steps in his glass-making process.

The works of art above were recently available to acquire. Please inquire for current status and pricing.
Past Group Exhibitions with Trident Gallery
Organic Complications
April 13, 2019May 27, 2019
An exhibition exploring the complex, evolving living world & the question of our human place in it.