Trident Gallery is dedicated to the meaningful experience of art — to bringing profound, moving, provocative, and beautiful art to the public and to the attention of collectors.

A scheduled exhibition in the Main Room is usually the work of a single artist, sometimes a group exhibition.

The Gallery Office is a showcase of at least one work of art by each artist currently represented by the Gallery.

The Vault Room shows a frequently changing selection of gallery inventory, often a selection of art which the Director has put together for a client to view, sometimes new work from an artist’s studio. Most works of art in inventory can be brought to the gallery for viewing within a day or two. Visitors can also browse images of inventory in the gallery on a projector and on Ultra-HD computer screens. Many images are on this website as well, but at the gallery, the Gallery Director is personally available to guide clients through the review and selection process.

The gallery is open year-round.