Trident Gallery is dedicated to the meaningful experience of art — to bringing profound, moving, provocative, and beautiful art to the public and to the attention of collectors.

Trident Gallery shows beautiful and intelligent contemporary art in all mediums, emphasizing the work of artists continuing Gloucester’s rich legacy as a center for new American Art.

Every five weeks, Trident Gallery presents a new exhibition of contemporary art in a rich context of written commentary and public discussion. Gallery Director Dr. Matthew Swift curates and produces gallery exhibitions, drawing on over twenty years of multi-disciplinary scholarship, teaching, and creative exploration.

A scheduled exhibition in the Main Room is most often the work of a single artist; mid-winter and occasionally at other times of year, a group exhibition.

The Vault Room shows a mini-exhibition from gallery inventory. Work in the Vault Room changes frequently, following the Director’s inspirations and clients’ interests.

Visitors may also browse images of inventory in the gallery on a projector and on Ultra-HD computer screens. The Gallery Director personally guides clients through a review and selection process tuned to their interests.

The Gallery Office is a showcase of art by many of the artists currently represented by the Gallery.

The Trident Live Art Series presents performances by seasoned professionals showing experimental and collaborative work in the intimate salon setting of the gallery. Live Art Series Director Sarah Slifer Swift curates and produces the performances, drawing on two decades of experience in the United States and abroad as a dance artist, choreographer, and producer.

The gallery is open year-round.

The Building

Trident Gallery is located in a purpose-built space within the elegant Gloucester Safe Deposit and Trust building of 1880 in the heart of historic downtown Gloucester and the Harbortown Cultural District. At the back of the spacious main gallery are a library and a small gallery within a former bank vault. The Vault Room shows selections from gallery inventory guided by collectors’ interests, and the Director’s Office is a showcase of art by each gallery artist.


Trident Gallery is a full service fine art gallery serving individuals and organizations, including new and established collectors, public and private collections, architecture and interior design firms, real estate brokers, property managers, and estates. The gallery advises clients in selecting, acquiring, collecting, and selling fine art, including ancillary matters of framing, installation, and lighting; rotation, transportation, and storage; documentation, appraisal, and insurance; conservation and restoration; and all other matters arising in connection with the ownership of fine art.


The gallery maintains an extensive inventory of art by represented artists and a selection of exceptional works of art by noted artists of the past.
To explore the full inventory, clients may review images of art and other materials either in the gallery or privately before selecting art to view in person at their convenience in the gallery or at the client’s home or place of work.


Works sold from an exhibition are available for delivery at the conclusion of the exhibition, except during December, when clients may take possession immediately after the reception.