On Group Exhibitions

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A well-chosen group exhibition at a gallery accomplishes three things.

It should say something about life, reminding viewers that art is important first of all because it is transformative: all other values follow. The experience of transformation can be more available in a group exhibition which diminishes the distraction of the compulsion to grasp and analyze an artist’s unique gifts and vision, which is rewarding if and only if the work is first of all transformative.

It should reveal something about art, about how images, stories, movement, and music affect us, awakening our own creativity and deepening our capacity to be transformed.

And at a gallery, a group exhibition should give collectors an opportunity to refine their interests and develop new ones through discovered affinities. In my view, the process of collecting art is a cultivation, an expansion, and an extension of my primary, transformative experiences of art. I bring a painting or book or film home to live with it, knowing (or hoping) that my initial curiosity, excitement, and inspiration will change me more deeply over time as it becomes a teacher, a companion, a window, a path, a reminder of essential feelings, ideas, and values.